This regional delegation scholarship is a type of scholarship that can be used for study purposes, especially at IPB. While this scholarship is not for students who are candidates for returning to the area.

What are some easy BUD submission tips?

1. Contact the Regional Education Office

The first BUD application tip is to contact the local education office or a local private company. This is done to look for opportunities to become sponsors or fund persons.

Of course, it will not be approved immediately or directly enter your name as a recommendation. The agency must receive a cooperation offer letter from the relevant campus.

Whenever the agency provides for funding, it can make an official letter for cooperation from the campus. Later the agency will carry out the agreement process as the fund person.

The candidate for this fund is the institution that will later finance your scholarship for college later. You need to pay attention to this because this agency can be a government agency, either central or regional, which can also be a company either registered in the state or private.

The role of this agency is to recommend you to become a student and study well using the Regional Representatives Scholarship. You will of course pass various tests from the agency before being determined to be a candidate who will definitely go to campus.

Contacting the local education office is the right way if you are interested in participating in the regional representative scholarship. Find the right and right sponsor so that you can immediately become a candidate and be sure to the campus where you will become a student later.

The agreement process will later be passed by the agency that offered me and the funds, namely as a potential partner or coming to campus directly. This agreement process must be approved directly by the campus. Accounts of potential partners will be given to fill in those who have been given.

2. Observing Selection

 After awarding the candidate for this regional scholarship. Then a screening or selection will be held for the candidates they finance. The provisions of these partners have their own characteristics, of course, all decisions depend on the relevant partners.

It is possible that you will see tests and interviews or only select based on your report card scores when you are still in high school. You can discuss various kinds of important information related to this directly with the relevant parties, namely the agency of the fund person.

If your local government becomes IPB’s partner for this BUD scholarship, then you can ask about various conditions and the selection process. Later the provisions and the selection process will be used to select and screen various registered candidates.

It should be noted that in the first year the BUD scholarship recipients have various general requirements. Namely, the value of report cards, the maximum age you have, the value of high school time up to 5 semesters specifically for mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology subjects. Also must be physically and mentally healthy, drug-free.

Participants have also attended to live in a dormitory determined by the owner of the fund agency. But if you are still unsure about that, then visit the bud fund application guide.

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